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Acuris Conometric concept


Major breakthrough in implantology - a solution that redefines retention! It represents the best of both worlds: a solution that is removable for the dentist but fixed for the patient.

Acuris Conometric concept uses friction retention instead of cement or screws to secure the crown to the abutment in the final prosthetic part of the implant treatment.

Acuris saves time, improves predictability and ensures high-quality end results.

The placement of the crown takes a few seconds:

• No screw – improved aesthetics since no visible access for the screw is used.

• No cement – reduced risk of complications.

• A fixed retention removable for extraoral cleaning or adjustment.

• To place the crown, only one click on the crown with a special fixation tool is needed.

Will be presented within JPS exposition, Hall No. 3

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