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ANDERSZ dental boutique


ANDERSZ dental boutique on PRAGODENT 2018 you can find at the stand no. LK 47

Distributor of American and Korean companies: 
DANVILLE MATERIALS / ZEST DENTAL SOLUTIONS - air abrasion PrepStart and PrepStart H2O, intraoral sandblasters Microetcher, sectional matrix Contact Matrix with new Mega-V rings, flowable composites (Accolade, Aria, StarFlow), new, innovative composite Bulk EZ; 
SPRINGHEALTH - metal, unbreakable LED curing lights; 
LASCHAL - splay resistant, lightweight, unbreakable needleholders, scissors and micro Steiglitz forceps for retrieving separated files in endodontics, periotomes. 
BioMTA – Korean bioceramic materials RetroMTA is a fast setting bioceramic material for repair and vital pulp therapy, Ortho MTA is orthograde hydraulic root canal grafting material in powder form.

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